AAAI 2019 Story-Enabled Intelligence

Location: History Corner (Building 200) on the 3rd floor in History 303.

Note: Draft timetable subject to change. Last updated: 23 March 2019.

Monday March 25

Time Presenters Title
9:00am Organizing Committee: Leilani Gilpin, Dylan Holmes, Jamie Macbeth Welcome
9:30am Mark Finlayson Narrative Fundamentalism: Fact or Faith?
10:00am Ron Petrick and Robin Hill Start Making Sense: Cognitive and Affective Confidence Measures for Explanation Generation using Epistemic Planning
10:30am BREAK  
11:00am Been Kim Interpretability Beyond Feature Attribution: Quantitative Testing with Concept Activation Vectors (TCAV)
11:30am Eugene Shvarts Why Am I Seeing This? Misadventures in Social Network Recommendations
12:00pm Panel: moderated by Mariya Yao Story-telling systems for building trust in society.
12:30pm LUNCH  
2:00pm Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera and R. Michael Young Desiderata for a Computational Model of Human Online Narrative Sensemaking
2:30pm Stefan Sarkadi, Peter Mcburney and Simon Parsons Deceptive Storytelling in Artificial Dialogue Games
3:00pm Adam Amos-Binks, Dustin Dannenhauer and David Aha Computational Models of Rebel Agent Behavior for Interactive Narrative
3:30pm BREAK  
4:00pm Robert Wray, Kelly Neville, Bob Bechtel and Tyree Cowell Story Web: Case-Based Reasoning to Enhance Analysts’ Anticipatory Thinking
4:30pm Yu-Jung Heo, Kyoung-Woon On, Seongho Choi, Jaeseo Lim, Jeh-Kwang Ryu, Byung-Chull Bae and Byoung-Tak Zhang Constructing Hierarchical Q&A Datasets for Video Story Understanding
5:00pm Morteza Behrooz, Justus Robertson and Arnav Jhala Towards Using Word Embedding Spaces for Estimating the Perceived Interestingness of Narrative

Tuesday March 26

Time Presenters Title
9:00am Ted Selker Technology that Recognizes Peoples' Stories in their Storied Actions
9:30am Risto Miikkulainen Computational Insight into Story Processing in Schizophrenia
10:00am Joshua Grossman, Zhiyuan Lin, Hao Sheng, Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei, Joseph Jay Williams and Sharad Goel MathBot: Transforming Online Resources for Learning Math into Conversational Interactions
10:30am BREAK  
11:00am Robert Kirby Knowledge Representation Integrating Conditional Probabilities, Closure Logic, and Primitives
11:30am Andrew Gordon Commonsense causal reasoning using millions of personal stories
12:00pm Panel: moderated by Adam Amos-Binks Prospective Cognition and Narrative
12:30pm LUNCH  
2:00pm Zhutian Yang and Patrick Winston Learning by Aligning Stories
2:30am Mohan Sridharan and Ben Meadows A Theory of Explanations for Human-Robot Collaboration
3:00pm Pat Langley Understanding Social Interactions by Incremental Abductive Inference
3:30pm BREAK  
4:00pm Danielle Olson Modeling Racial and Ethnic Socialization for Interactive Storytelling
4:30pm Cindy Bishop Garden of Digital Delights
5:00pm TBD  

Wednesday March 27

Time Presenters Title
9:00am John Mitros A Categorisation of Post-hoc Explanations for Predictive Models
9:30am Taisuke Akimoto Key Issues for Generative Narrative Cognition in a Cognitive System: Association and Blending of Stories
10:00am Mary Ellen Foster Natural Language Generation for Social Robotics Applications
10:30am BREAK  
11:00am Jongbin Jung Simple Rules for Complex Decision
11:30am Leilani H. Gilpin Self-driving story-telling
12:00pm Organizing Committee: Leilani Gilpin, Dylan Holmes, Jamie Macbeth Closing Discussion

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