The Golden Gallery Project


In developing the Golden Gallery project, our goal is to make it easier to learn about, experiment with, and write programs that think the way humans do. We have picked three excellent AI programs which were written in the 1960s - 1970s and have rewritten them in modern programming languages. We have made them run on the web, written detailed manuals to explain how they work in plain language, and released them under a free software license which allows you to download and modify them yourself however you like.

On this website, we share the results of our work. We hope that these programs will be useful to many different people:


Two of our programs are written in Javascript and run directly in the browser. You can see a live demonstration of SAINT here, and a live demonstration of ANALOGY here.


Download the code for our projects here. Each project is distributed as a TAR file.

We license all of our code under the GPL 2.0+ license. This means that you are free to download, modify, and re-share our code however you like, as long as you share it in the same way.


All our documentation is literate, meaning that it interweaves the source code and explanations of how the code works.

We also provide links to essays describing the programs on which our programs are based*.


We would love to hear from you! Write to golden-gallery @ or to dxh @

* These essays are not covered by the Golden Gallery's Creative Commons license; you may have to ask permission from their copyright holder to use them.