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About me

NameDylan Holmes
ContactI would like to hear from you. You can e-mail me at dxh@mit.edu.
PGP KeySecurity is a kind of hygiene. My public key is here; its fingerprint follows.
A5EC B117 EB17 5686 CED7 03CC DBD1 9526 CC41 DA73
BirthdayApril 1
AlcorI am a member (#A-2698) of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. I remain enthusiastic that, with hard work, medical suspension will become a practical choice in the next few decades.
Bitcoin If you would like to donate to this website, you can use this bitcoin address. I use donations to cover hosting costs, and every bit helps.
This siteThis website is built with the following tools (worth checking out): Org mode for writing, MathJax for rendering math on the web, lighttpd for serving pages, git for version control, arch linux as the operating sytem, linode as the hosting environment. Also Clojure for coding.
HTTPS This website uses an encrypted HTTPS connection to make it harder for others to eavesdrop on what you're viewing. If you have your own site, you can get a certificate for an HTTPS connection free-of-charge using a website such as https://startssl.com.

My academic interests as a bookshelf

Marvin Minsky Semantic Information Processing
Annette Karmiloff-Smith Beyond Modularity
Amartya Sen Development as Freedom
Thomas Szasz The Myth of Mental Illness
Jay Rosenberg Thinking Clearly About Death
Steve Awodey Category Theory
Christopher Alexander A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction
L. Ivan Epstein Nomography
Edward Tufte The Visual Display of Quantitative Information