AdvCogSys Workshop 2019

Story-enabled Intelligence

We are proud to announce this Advances in Cognitive Systems workshop on Story-enabled Intelligence as building upon the AAAI 2019 Spring Symposium by the same name.


Room 32G-449 ("Kiva") in the MIT Stata Center (Building 32).


The workshop schedule is here.

Our vision

Systems that can describe their own behavior exhibit intelligence of a higher order. Storytelling-like capabilities empower systems to explain their decisions, describe their activities, align their present situation against precedent, consider hypothetical alternatives, diagnose their mistakes, learn from stories, and generalize their experiences. A number of research efforts have independently explored aspects of such machine-generated descriptions, but interaction between specialized subareas of AI remains sparse in the literature. These specialized areas include:
  • Explainable AI (XAI), focusing on augmenting machine learning frameworks with compositional, humanly-interpretable representations.
  • Case-based reasoning, focusing on deploying previous stories to understand new phenomena.
  • Hypothetical reasoning, focusing on understanding which is augmented by speculation about variations in past, present, and future circumstances.
  • Narrative intelligence, focusing on modeling the human aspects of producing and interpreting narratives and explanations.
  • Cognitive architectures, focusing on the design of large-scale symbolic systems.
  • Natural language generation and understanding, focusing on modeling human facility with language, including description, conversation, persuasion, explanation, and teaching.
  • Planning, focusing on generating problem-solving action sequences, often involving skillful incorporation of contingency, constraints, other agents, and incomplete information.

Call for Participation

We invite all participants to apply for a short talk here. The deadline is currently set for July 6, and we will be sending out decisions on July 12.


We will keep this space up-to-date with relevant dates and deadlines as plans take shape.


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